CHOCOLATE FITTY AP689853 • 304×310×128 mm [ DG2 (FC, 165×125 mm) Fitness gift set including: "Doltin" sport bottle "Wesly" smart watch "Kelan" mobile phone armband case "Biotech USA" Iso Whey Zero protein drink powder (25 g) "Biotech USA" Zero Bar protein bar (50 g) "Biotech USA" IsoTonic drink powder (40 g) BORDEAUX AP689851 • 304×310×128 mm [ DG2 (FC, 165×125 mm) Wine tasting gift set including: "Quantium" wine set "Cheers" glass identifier set "Kaldeneker" smoked plum jam (312 ml) "Demeter" dark chocolate with lyophilized forest fruits (50 g) All gifts are delivered in carboard gift box with red ribbon. 28 christmas and holiday