PROMO 2023

Luggins AP722681 Recycled aluminium ballpoint pen with blue refill. Size: ø10×137 mm Printing: E0, P1(4) -05 -01 -06 -10 -77 -06 -10 -21 A TRUSTWORTHY FOUNDATION FOR YOUR PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS Among the many advantages of aluminium, it is 100% recyclable. Its recycling process saves energy, reduces its environmental impact, and helps you lessen the environmental footprint of your company by using these kinds of products. Build your corporate social responsibility on ecologically conscious choices and meet your promotional goals easily! Eravoid AP800502 Recycled aluminium, long-lasting inkless pen with touch screen stylus and metal alloy tip, which oxidizes the paper. This pen writes similarly to a pencil and it is also erasable. Including eraser on the inside of the touch stylus. Size: ø8×145 mm Printing: E0, P1(4) AL AL INK LESS 276