PROMO 2023

Grow your brand with garden accessories Nertel AP781236 Herb pot set with 2 biodegradable flower pots. Including mint and parsley seeds. Size: 150×70×70 mm Printing: P1(1), VS(FC) Tumil AP722844 Biodegradable flower pot with 5-8 sunflower seeds. Size: ø65×62 mm Printing: P1(1) Sober AP721479-00 Flower planting kit in laminated paper bag. Including 5-8 petunia seeds in assorted colours. Size: 110×130 mm Printing: VS(FC) Merin AP721179 Mint growing kit in wooden box with biodegradable plastic pot, 6-8 mint seeds and growing substrate. Size: 75×75×75 mm Printing: E1, P1(4) Petunia AP731428 Flower pot with 5-8 petunia seeds in different colours, the pot is made of biodegradable material. Size: ø65×62 mm Printing: VS(FC) -00 -05 -07 386