PROMO 2023

Galois AP844049 Wooden educational counting game in cotton drawstring pouch. With 32 tiles, including numbers and mathematical operation signs. Size: 130×100 mm Printing: TB(8), DTB(FC), S1(2) Landers AP722092 Classical dominoes in bamboo box, with 28 tiles. Size: 195×122×42 mm Printing: E2, P2(2) Prakon AP721181 Classical dominoes in wooden box, with 28 tiles. Size: 147×50×31 mm Printing: E1, P1(4), OP(FC) Kelpet AP781823 Wooden dominoes with animal figures, in wooden box. With 28 tiles. Size: 150×32×50 mm Printing: E1, P1(4), OP(FC) Maltese AP716557-A Custom made dominoes in birch plywood with 28 tiles and cotton carry pouch. Price includes an identical full colour print on the backside of all tiles. MOQ: 100 pcs. Size: 130×170 mm Printing: FP-UV(FC) MADE IN EU 470