PROMO 2022

PRINTING TECHNOLOGIES Choosing the best gift - from our wide product collection - for your promotional needs is only half of the success equation. The appearance of your logo or message carries equal importance. In order to ensure the realisation of your brand image, we provide various printing technologies, ranging from traditional methods to state of the art digital technologies. The following guide aims to give you a brief overview of our labelling techniques and to help you pick the best for your selected item. Light Up Your Logo Products contain LED lights, hidden inside their housing, resulting in a special backlit-effect of your engraved logo. Special Engraving Products are specially designed for a unique laser engraved appearance. Thanks to the special dual-layer coating on the product's surface, laser engraved logos appear in colour or with mirror-effect. Max print colours. (FC=full colour) Printing price category. Printing technology. Colours AP1222 T1(8), DTB(FC) LIGHT UP YOUR LOGO SPECIAL ENGRAVING 562 PRINTING TECHNOLOGIES