PROMO 2023

Vinaigrette AP812428 Borosilicate glass oil and vinegar bottle with cork stoppers. Capacity of the outer flask is 320 ml and inner part is 125 ml. Size: ø65×185 mm Printing: C2(8) Kerala AP800476 2 pc bamboo salt and pepper shaker set. The set conveniently seals at the center thanks to magnets positioned on the side of the shakers. Size: 100×50×70 mm Printing: E2, P2(2) Tumber AP722189 4 pc borosilicate glass spice holder set with natural cork lids and bamboo stand, 70 ml. Size: 173×140×52 mm Printing: E2, P2(2) Sasa AP800406 Bamboo mortar and pestle. Size: ø90×48 mm Printing: P2(2), E2 Sangsuk AP800474 Bamboo pot stand with hemp hanging cord. This trivet helps to insulate hot pots and pans from table tops. Size: 180×180×15 mm Printing: E2, P2(2) 60