PROMO 2023

Brew AP718062 Custom made, HDF wood coaster with custom graphic on one side. MOQ: 100 pcs. Size: 95×95×3 mm Printing: FP-UV(FC) Palet AP721380 Wooden mini pallet coaster. Size: 115×15×75 mm Printing: P1(4), E1 CreaPint AP718527 Custom made, absorbent paper coaster with custom graphics on one side. MOQ: 250 pcs. Size: ø95×1 mm Printing: FP-UV(FC) Yantic AP721655 4 pc natural pine wood coaster set with jute rope packing. Diameter of coasters may vary between 8-10 cm. Size: ø100×40 mm Printing: P2(4), E2 CreaFelt Drink AP716505 Custom made, RPET felt coaster with custom graphics on one side. Price includes sublimation printing. MOQ: 100 pcs. Size: ø95×3 mm Printing: FP-SU(FC) Brunex AP721068 Round shaped natural cork coaster. Size: ø100×3 mm Printing: E2, OP(FC), P1(1), S1(1) -B -B -A -A 95×95×1 mm 95×95×3 mm ø95×1 mm ø95×3 mm MADE IN EU MADE IN EU MADE IN EU 78