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BE CREATIVE graphics on the products of this catalogue are only exhibited for the purpose of displaying printing possibilities and are not reference for sale. Accordingly, products are merchandised blank or imprinted with the customer’s graphics. The right is reserved to deliver products that differ, in execution and in colours, from items illustrated in this catalogue. The displayed product printing parameters may differ from actual possibilities. Products are delivered without decoration and battery, unless otherwise indicated. Prices displayed in this catalogue are not including VAT. Products assembled in Europe. Products made in Europe. (Raw materials and spare parts may be of non-European origin.) Made in Europe Assembled in Europe UV DG BR SU VF RS CP E P C WP S DO O WPC FP VS T UV Led printing Digital paper insert Embroidery Sublimation Vision Film printing Cylindrical screen printing Ceramic pad print Engraving Pad printing Ceramic and XP printing Transfer priniting on white base Screen printing Epoxy doming Embossing Transfer priniting on white ceramics Price includes printing with indicated technology. Excluding setup charge. Vinyl sticker Transfer printing Printing technology. Printing price category. Max print colours. (FC=full colour) Max print size. Colours AP1222  T1 (8C, 50×80 mm) RE Rainbow engraving Colour print Custom products Rainbow engraving Special engraving Light up your logo